Rencontrons-nous à OW2 con'23 !

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Nous serons à Paris-Châtillon du 14 au 15 juin 2023 pour l'évènement OW2 con'23, qui est un lieu de rencontre internationale pour les acteurs du monde open source comme les experts, les développeurs et les chefs de projets. 

Nous avons décidé cette année d'être sponsor d'OW2 con'23. Ainsi, nous soutenons cet évènement et nous sommes heureux d'y contribuer.

Le jeudi 15 juin 2023 à 14h00, Jehan Monnier (Cofondateur) et Elisa Nectoux (Responsable des Ventes et du Marketing) animeront une conférence. Le thème est "le financement de l'open source", c'est pourquoi nous avons posé la question suivante : l'open source et durabilité : réalité ou illusion ?

Voici une présentation de nos propos :

"The Linphone project is an open source solution that was first released in 2001. It started as a personal project done on spare time and it is now a sustainable company employing 20 people (15 of them being software developers). We believe that employing open source software developers is the best way to pay them for their contribution to the open source ecosystem.

We are often asked how an open source company can make money and grow on the long term. We rely on three different sources of income:

  • corporate customers, by selling our technology to third parties who wish to integrate it to build their own products. Our revenue has been progressively increased thanks to a business model based on three types of income: licensing, support, and developments on demand. Third party companies are willing to finance the development of your great open source technology if you ask them to!
  • public subventions, via the response to a call for expressions of interest and the use of research tax credit (CIR)
  • end-users, by selling our solution in a SaaS mode to companies who wish to use it « as is » for their internal needs. This talk will highlight why and how we are reworking our business model with the aim of wearing two hats: technology provider and software editor. This will allow us to obtain a new source of income, that we hope to be recurrent."