Secure communications

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Leverage our long-term expertise on secure user authentication and end-to-end encryption.

Your own value

We understand that you need to build your own value-added app to stay
at the forefront of secure communications technologies.

Dedicated support and customisation services

We offer dedicated annual support agreements, to ensure that your secure app stays compatible and compliant with the latest technologies.

Linphone is brandable and fully customisable. We can also develop specific security features on demand.

One cross-platform SDK for various kinds of UIs

Linphone features a separation bewteen the user interfaces and the core engine, allowing the creation of your own user interface.

Liblinphone SDK integrates all the voice, video and instant messaging functionalities with strong security features into a single easy-to-use API.

API plugin to add your own encryption engine

A custom encryption engine can easily be integrated without having to modify the library source code, as Liblinphone exposes APIs to enable customised code to process at all important stages.