New releases of Linphone apps and the Linphone SDK

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The Linphone team is glad to announce the following new releases: linphone-iphone and linphone-android 4.6.X, linphone-desktop 4.4.X and liblinphone 5.1.X.

It is now possible to:

  • copy, reply to and forward a text message or a shared file
  • record a voice message and send it by chat
  • select and send several files in a single message
  • easily see unread messages in text conversations

For customers who wish to add LDAP-based contact search and contact provisioning features in their app, it is also now possible to build linphone-sdk with openLDAP (requires 5.1.1 or higher).
Developers who leverage the linphone-android and linphone-desktop projects to build their apps can already set an LDAP server via the app's settings, provided that they build the linphone-sdk with openLDAP.
LDAP contact search has not been implemented in linphone-iphone yet, but it will soon be!

The complete list of added features, changes and fixes is available in Changelog files of the related projects.

Linphone apps can be downloaded from our website.

Source code is dual license, and can be integrated into open source projects under GNU/GPLv3 terms, or closed source projects via the purchase of a proprietary license.
Fill in our contact form to know more about our licensing model.