New release of Linphone for Windows 10

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The new release of Linphone for Windows 10 UWP benefits from several major evolutions, which clearly improves the user experience. 

First of all, it is the first version to be based on our automatically generated Liblinphone C# wrapper and such to make use of all Liblinphone’s features. It also integrates Linphone’s brand-new algorithm for video codec bitrates adaptation to the available bandwidth, which significantly optimizes video quality.

Consult linphone-windows10 project on GitHub to access the complete list of improvements made in this new release.

To enjoy the best experience with Linphone for Windows 10, we recommend that users create their account on our free SIP service accessible online and then configure this account in the app's settings.
This service is based on Belledonne Communications’ SIP proxy server named Flexisip and supports many key features including push-notified incoming calls and messages.

Linphone is available for all Windows 10 devices and can be downloaded from Microsoft Store.
SDK binaries are accessible on