New release of Liblinphone (SDK 4.4)

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Our latest iOS, Android and desktop releases are based on this new version of Liblinphone, our cross-platform VoIP SDK.

On top of the modifications required by iOS13, the following new features have been added to the library:

A big refactoring has been made in Mediastreamer2, Liblinphone's media streaming engine, in order to facilitate the development of the new features related to RTP bundle mode and of a prototyped video conferencing feature (coming soon!)

Lastly, for customers using our Tunnel VoIP anti-blocking solution, please note that the private repositories are no longer needed to use a liblinphone with tunnel support. By passing -DENABLE_TUNNEL=ON to the cmake options, the tunnel library source code will be automatically downloaded.

For a more complete information about changes and fixes, please consult liblinphone's changelog.

Liblinphone's binary packages can be downloaded from our website.
For developers who would rather compile the sources, it is still possible to compile the liblinphone project alone, but we recommend to compile linphone-sdk, as it is holding all the dependencies to build a full Linphone SDK.