New Linphone SDK for UWP

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Microsoft intended to provide developers with one single platform with common interfaces for all devices running Windows 10, with the intention of leaving aside the Win32 platform.

In 2016, our company Belledonne Communications released a first UWP port of Liblinphone, allowing developers to create UWP apps leveraging Liblinphone through a C# wrapper.
In 2019, thanks to the new possibility to link UWP apps to a Win32 library via Microsoft's Windows Bridge technology, we decided to unify our two projects, creating a unique Linphone SDK, comprising C, C++ and C# APIs. 

However, even if Microsoft has stopped developing smartphones and though the sustainability of the UWP platform has been largely questioned, the past year has shown that UWP still remains the current leading technology in the Microsoft ecosystem. 

Therefore, we recently re-built our UWP SDK, that is now distributed in a Nuget package, alongside our Win32 SDK. 

It is still possible to use the Win32 port of Liblinphone with the Windows bridge to create a 32-bit UWP app, but thanks to our brand-new SDK fully compatible with UWP, the work of Windows app developers will be considerably facilitated.
In particular, displaying video is now much easier than it was in previous versions. The code has been simplified and its size has been reduced.

Thanks to this new SDK, it is now possible to create apps for Windows 64-bits, compatible with the Windows Store.
UWP and Win32 SDKs will be developed and maintained over time.

Nightly builds of this nuget are available here and embed the 3 different binaries : win32, win32 for Windows Store, and UWP.

We also updated our previously deprecated linphone-windows10 application to build against this new linphone-sdk UWP nuget. Please note that this version is a demo app, with a very limited feature set compared to our official Qt-based Linphone app for Windows.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance in building your Liblinphone-based app for UWP, or if you would like to purchase a source code license for your closed source app.