Linphone Web 1.0 available today!

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Belledonne Communications is proud to announce the launch of Linphone Web. Linphone Web is Belledonne Communication's latest innovation which leverages the SIP protocol to provide users the capability to make voice and video calls directly through web browsers.

Check out the demo and try Linphone Web today.(no longer available)

Make VoIP calls directly from any web browsers!

Linphone Web is the latest of the Linphone product family which includes Linphone clients for iOS, Android and Desktop editions. The Linphone Web solution consists of :

  • The Liblinphone Web Plugin, a browser plugin bringing a JavaScript API similar to the Liblinphone API.
  • The Linphone Web User Interface (UI), a HTML/JavaScript layer relying on the plugin to offer to the end user the possibility to make audio and video calls through an easy and clever interface. This UI can be re-branded and integrated into a website aiming to provide video call experience.

Linphone Web promises to deliver a range of benefits:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Simple and reliable to use
  • Supports all popular web browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari
  • Proven track record: Linphone Web is based on the Liblinphone VoIP engine SDK, a library which has a proven track record since it was introduced on the market in 2010

The first version of Linphone Web includes the following capabilities:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls, audio and video
  • Call history
  • Possibility to connect with any SIP address
  • Audio codecs : G711, SPEEX, OPUS (G729, AMR, ILBC, SILK available on demands)
  • Video codecs : VP8 (MPEG4 and H264 available on demands)

Linphone Web, an alternative to WebRTC ?

The WebRTC project has drawn a lot of attention lately and we want to clarify how Linphone Web differentiates itself from WebRTC. Web-based Real Time Communications (WebRTC) is an open source project with the goal of permitting real-time communication using standard JavaScript APIs between web browsers without the need for a plug-in. WebRTC is currently facing two major issues:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer and Apple Safari browsers don’t have defined strategies to support WebRTC.
  • WebRTC provides no interoperability with existing telephony networks. It requires add-ons of signaling protocols such as SIP as well as the development and installation of a gateways in order to fully inter-operate with existing telecom networks.

Linphone Web was designed to overcome all these issues. Unlike WebRTC, Linphone Web is based on standard communications protocols and fully SIP compliant. This means that Linphone Web does not require the addition of gateways to inter-operate with telecom networks.

A promising future

We believe that this is a wonderful engineering achievement that will ensure a promising future to web-based communication. This technology can also be an opportunity for operators who wish to provide an alternative to the OTT players with communications capabilities built in browsers.

The Linphone Web Plugin is distributed under the GPLv2 license or under proprietary license with commercial agreement. The Linphone Web UI is distributed under the Affero GPLv3 as well as proprietary license.Please contact us for more information.