Linphone-iOS 3.16.5 release

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Source code has been updated to match iOS upgrade and be compatible with innovative IphoneX design. Video quality has also significantly been improved, thanks to our new algorithm for codec bitrates adaptation to the available bandwidth.

In addition, Linphone-iOS now implements the new iOS CNContact framework to access the user's native contacts and manage contacts’ information from the app.

This framework provides multiple advantages :

  • performance : Linphone-iOS app can fetch and manage thousands of contacts fluently without slowing down the user experience
  • privacy : by allowing the app to only fetch required information and nothing else, we protect your privacy and personal data. Linphone app only uses the following contact informations : first/last name, phone numbers, instant messaging addresses and email addresses.

This latest version of linphone-iOS has been submitted to the App Store and will be available in a few days.
You can read the complete list of improvements made in this new release on GitHub and download SDK binaries here.