Linphone iOS 3.13.9 release

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New functions have been implemented in the lastest version of Linphone 3.13.9, including full IPv6 support to comply with Apple's requirements.

Added features:

  • Full IPv6 support: 

Starting June 1, 2016, all applications submitted to the App Store must work within IPv6-only networks. Linphone supports this requirement since version 3.13.9  released from June 15, 2016. 

The process to ensure that Linphone-based applications comply with Apple's requirements can be found on our Wiki.

  • Hardware accelerated H264 codec: 

Linphone-iPhone supports Video Toolbox, Apple's API for hardware video encoding and decoding. In addition to bringing interesting advantages in terms of CPU performance, Video Toolbox removes the cost of H264 patent fees for the software distributor, since H264 codec is brought by the platform manufacturer.

  • Full video HD support for newest devices (iPhone 6, iPhone SE, etc.)
  • Added "Forgot your password ?" link in Linphone account assistant 

Enhanced features:

  • Enable Neon intrinsics optimizations for speex resampler
  • Use of mbedtls instead of deprecated polarssL

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