Linphone, at the Forefront of Call Quality

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The implementation of FEC (forward error correction) and the integration of the AV1 video codec represent significant milestones in the evolution of Linphone. These cutting-edge technologies offer superior audio and video quality, ensuring seamless and uncompromised real-time communication for our users.

  1. FEC technology gives enhanced fluidity for quality video calls

    In the realm of video calls, data packet loss can affect the quality of communication. These losses typically occur due to unstable Internet connections or network congestion, resulting in temporary visual quality degradation. To address this issue, we have implemented a mechanism for repairing lost packets, called Flexible Forward Error Correction (flexible FEC), based on RFC 8627, which optimises the reliability of audio and video transmission.

    This method involves generating repair packets from source packets (used to encode the video stream) that are combined through XOR operations and sent simultaneously with the source packets. The repair packets aid in reconstructing missing data during network losses: if a source packet is missing upon reception, it can be regenerated using the protecting repair packet and the neighbouring source packets.

    This mechanism is tailored to strike an optimal balance between the rate of repairing lost packets (i.e., the number of source packets protected by a repair packet using a clever 1D or 2D mechanism) and adaptation to the available bandwidth.

    In summary, FEC represents an advanced solution that can ensure an optimal experience during real-time communication, and can guarantee adaptive and smooth video quality despite network uncertainties.

    Available in beta version in the upcoming months! Stay connected.

  2. The AV1 codec redefines video communication quality

    AV1, the new video compression standard, represents a significant leap in the visual quality of video. Linphone now adopts this codec to provide clearer and sharper video streams while reducing the bandwidth required for transmission.

    This next-generation codec, developed by the Alliance for Open Media (AOMedia), relies on cutting-edge technologies to efficiently compress videos without compromising their quality. The integration of AV1 into Linphone reduces bandwidth consumption while offering high-definition videos, thus meeting the increasing demand from users for superior visual communication.

    Available soon in version 5.2 !

Our Continued Commitment to Innovation and Quality

These advancements showcase our commitment to innovation and the pursuit of cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving needs. This commitment is our top priority, with 75% of our revenue currently dedicated to research and development (R&D) to cater to the growing demands for quality and efficiency in the real-time communications domain.

Linphone users will now benefit from superior VoIP and video quality for their professional calls, video conferences, and personal conversations.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team for more information!