Linphone Android 2.5.1 and iOS 2.4 releases

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In order to better follow the mobile platform evolutions and demonstrating with quicker delays the new features we develop in Linphone, we have decided to increase the frequency of our releases. From now on, a minimum of 4 releases per year is scheduled for Android and iOS, and a minimum of two releases for the desktop edition (Mac, Windows, Linux).


In this release, you will find the following enhancements:

  • Improved file transfer feature to allow multiple downloads simultaneously
  • Advanced video size and framerate settings


In this release, Linphone now supports iOS9/XCode7, various bugs have been fixed and some improvements have been added:

  • in chat screen: 
    • you can now click anywhere in the chat bubble to resend text, not only the tiny date and/or delivery status image
    • several crashes with file transfer have been fixed (upload in background, chat room deletion, server error, etc.)
  • in dialer screen, you can now use ascii capable entry text so that both "@" and ":" are available easily
  • in call screen: 
    • the crash when getting a socket error on iOS during an incoming call has been fixed
    • crashes when pausing call have been fixed
    • the bug of video preview hanging on some iPad when starting/stopping calls has been fixed
  • in contacts screen, the bug of the contacts list when having 2 contacts with the same name has been fixed
  • in wizard screen: 
    • a password prompt dialog is shown in case of login failure due to incorrect password
    • outbound proxy settings of accounts have been removed, since no longer necessary thanks to DNS SRV records. This allows to change the transport (UDP, TCP, TLS) easily.
    • the device model and version are added in the user-agent field for improved troubleshooting and statistics.

Finally, the translations have been updated, various crashes and memory leaks have been corrected and the bug on badge count display when receiving remote push notification has been fixed.