Linphone 4.0 for desktop platforms is available!

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Our engineering team intensively worked in the past few months on the development of our new Linphone 4.0 app for desktop platforms. We are glad to announce that this new version has officially been released on June 14!

We consequently improved the app’s look and feel with a more user-friendly and modern user interface. We also implemented various new features to bring new specific possibilities for a desktop usage and reach the same level of usability as in our mobile versions.


Developed with Qt 5.9 framework (QML), Linphone 4 is available on GNU/Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.
Among the major new features, you can for example enjoy:

  • a simple and comprehensible UI with swift access to major features
  • a smart search bar, to quickly start a call, send a message or add a contact
  • advanced calling features, like HD video in full screen mode, audio conference and chat access during calls
  • a unified call and chat history, with message delivery status and file sharing


A lot of features are still under consideration, on a mid or long-term basis. Among others, we can mention group chat with multiple participants, server-based audio and video conference, or the integration with web services by proposing technical ways of interacting with web browsers.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know more about our development roadmap and technical plans, or if you wish to speed the development of some feature by contributing to its funding.

Apart from these major new functionalities, we also have already identified potential improvements that we will add on a shorter term. Keep an eye on our monthly newsletter to know more about these coming releases.


We believe that with these improvements, Linphone desktop can prove to be a good candidate for companies who want to build mass-market applications as well as advanced solutions for a professional usage.

Linphone and Liblinphone VoIP engine SDK are distributed under the GPLv2 license or proprietary license with commercial agreement. We propose annual support contracts for bugs resolution, development assistance and rebranding services.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you want to exchange about your VoIP project and see how Belledonne Communications can help you.

Download Linphone 4 on our website.
Find source code on GitHub.