Liblinphone new C# wrapper for Windows UWP

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We are pleased to announce that it is now possible to use our new C# wrapper to create Windows UWP apps and benefit from all Liblinphone’s feature set. 

Until now, the Linphone SDK for Windows UWP was consisting in a hand-made C# wrapper on top of the cross-platform Liblinphone C library. This wrapper suffered from a restricted coverage of the Liblinphone API compared to other platforms. An automatically generated wrapper is now replacing the former one. 

In addition, developers can now use the Linphone SDK in a Xamarin project for Windows UWP.

You can find information on our wiki about how to create a UWP project, with or without Xamarin (see « UWP project » section) and how to install a local nuget package.

The latest Linphone application for Windows 10 UWP is based on this automatic C# wrapper.