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OpenH264 integration, AVPF support for VP8 and New release Linphone iOS 2.2

OpenH264 integration

Since Cisco has taken its H.264 implementation, and open sourced it under BSD license terms, we are pleased to announce that Linphone now integrates OpenH264.

Thanks to OpenH264, H264 can now be used with Linphone iOS under proprietary license.

AVPF support for VP8

Linphone now supports AVPF (RTP Audio-Visual Profile with Feedback) for VP8 on Windows Desktop, Mac OSX, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.

AVPF brings a significant video improvement over unreliable networks.

New release Linphone iOS 2.2

This new Linphone version includes the following improvements :

  • ZRTP encryption support
  • AVPF support for VP8 (better network resilience for video)
  • VP8 performance enhancements on both mono- and multi-cores
  • Remote XML provisioning
  • Links support and typing indicator in chat user interface
  • Silent pushes on iOS7 support
  • Bluetooth with all codecs support
  • Other "cosmetics" and general bugfixes