iOS 13 updates

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Apple has recently postponed the deadline for xCode 11 adaptations, and announced that it is still possible to publish iOS apps compiled with XCode 10 until June. More information about this announcement is available on Apple website.

On our side, we launched an internal Beta version of our IOS13-ready Linphone app, but we are still testing it. If you would like to know more about iOS13 important changes for VoIP/IM apps and SIP servers, please read our article here.

Thanks to Apple’s new deadline, our official release might be a bit delayed and published at the end of April. A public Beta should be available by mid-April. Click on join our Beta if you would like to participate.

We have performed the following changes to adapt to iOS13 requirements:

  • changes in the Linphone app CallKit integration
  • development of a Linphone app extension to handle IM notifications
  • changes in Flexisip server

These developments have been merged in master branches and you can start testing it, but but we recommend to wait for the official release before using it in your Linphone-based products.

If you need any help, please note that we offer development assistance and support services.