Flexisip proxy is now ready for Apple's new push notification system

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All servers in charge of sending push notification requests will have to use the new APN service based on HTTP/2 protocol.
For more information, see Apple's article.

Consequently, we have implemented HTTP2 in Flexisip 2.0.3., the latest stable version of our SIP proxy. Flexisip also uses TLS 1.2, as requested by Apple.
All Flexisip users are now invited to upgrade to this 2.0.3 version or later, to stay compliant with Apple's push notification system.
Upgrading to HTTP2 will be transparent for Flexisip admins, as no changes are required in Flexisip PushNotification module.

You can find the Flexisip documentation on our public wiki.

When do I need to update my Flexisip servers?

Apple first announced November as the deadline for VoIP developers to use its new API, which has been extended to March 21st 2021.
After that date, APNs will not support the legacy binary protocol anymore. Therefore, we recommend all Flexisip users to upgrade to Flexisip 2.0.3 before March.

Note that these changes only impact the Flexisip proxy server, and no modification is required at the Linphone or Liblinphone level.

For customers under a Flexisip support contract, we may update your server as part of your support contract. Please contact us to schedule your server update.

Why do I need to support push notifications?

Supporting push notifications became mandatory on Apple’s platform since iOS10, and it is now highly recommended on Android.
Such push notifications are used to deliver SIP incoming calls or text messages on mobile device platforms, where it is not possible to receiving information while the app is closed or the phone screen is off.
To support push notifications, you need to use a SIP server able to communicate with Apple's and Google's Push notification systems. This is the case of Flexisip, our SIP proxy.

At Belledonne Communications, we have been implementing the latest standards in terms of push notification management, even before it became mandatory. 
Linphone and Flexisip support Apple's latest requirements, as introduced with iOS13 and iOS14. We especially follow the RFC 8599, which is the standard that describes how user-agents and SIP servers must communicate to manage push notifications.

What if my SIP server does not support push notifications?

If your server is not enabled for push notifications, it is possible to configure Flexisip in a "Push gateway" mode, as a front-end to your existing SIP infrastructure.

Please find more information about this Flexisip configuration mode on our website and in our white paper.
Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help to interface Flexisip push gateway with your existing IPPBX or SBC.

Flexisip is dual-licensed: it can be used either under the GNU / Affero GPLv3 license for free (open source), or via a proprietary license for a fee (closed source).

How can you help me with push notifications?

Flexisip can be deployed to provide the full SIP service required by applications to communicate, or as a push-gateway mode to complement an already existing SIP server infrastructure. It can be installed on bare metal or virtual machines rent from the provider of your choice, or hosted at your premises. It can be configured as a highly available dual host service, or in cluster for large deployments.

As a company, we offer installation, configuration and support services for Flexisip.
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