Flexisip Account Manager, a great tool to manage Flexisip user accounts

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Many developers who are interested in building an app based on the Linphone softphone or the Liblinphone SDK are also looking for an easy way of deploying their own SIP service. We provide a complete software solution for the development of SIP-based apps and networks, and in recent years have improved our account management solution, called Flexisip Account Manager. It now provides building blocks to help VoIP software developers create secure user account management systems. 

This official release of Flexisip account manager includes the following products:

  • FlexiAPI, a REST API for the creation of user accounts by users and/or administrators.
    REST API calls can easily be integrated into an administration portal if you have one. The main supported features are related to the management of SIP accounts (create, edit, activate/deactivate, delete, name admin, etc.), user identity validation via email or SMS, one-time password generation, user authentication via digest or hashed password algorithm (SHA256), and the generation of per user provisioning files and associated contact lists. 
    All features are documented here.
  • a remote provisioning server, which is able to generate configuration files that are compatible with Linphone.
    The Linphone apps support remote provisioning, which involves downloading a Linphone configuration file (linphonerc) in XML format from a HTTP server URI. The values defined in the configuration file are applied to the app. Many Linphone parameters can be preconfigured in this way. It can be used for both static provisioning (where the same parameters are applied to all app users) and dynamic provisioning (with a per user configuration file).
    Find more information on our wiki.
  • a web portal (currently in beta) that offers the FlexiAPI features in the form of a simple, accessible website
    On our side, we have deployed two versions of this web portal for our free SIP services : sip.linphone.org and sip.linhome.org. Depending on if you let your users create their accounts themselves or if you create them on their behalf, you may hide user or admin features. As this component is still in Beta mode, it is not fully stable yet.

Last but not least, Flexisip Account Manager is now the recommended tool for deploying the MySQL user account database used by Flexisip Proxy.


Note: The Linphone applications include account assistant views, which allow app users to create an account or to configure an existing one. These account assistants do not call FlexiAPI yet, and are still connected to our legacy xml-RPC API. This xml-RPC API is still included in this 1.2 release, and will be maintained for our customers for some time, but will be fully replaced by the release of Flexisip Account Manager 2.0

As part of this solution, we can provide you with adaptation and consultancy services to help design a solution that can be best integrated with your current products.