Discover Linhome, our new mobile app for video intercom and door entry systems

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Why Linhome?

Since many years, our company Belledonne Communications has been providing manufacturers, integrators, and developers of IP door entry solutions with high-quality client and server SIP-based software and advanced consultancy services.

Linhome for iOS, Linhome for Android, and the website, have been developed to meet the emerging needs of intercom and video monitoring system developers to leverage a robust, secure and interoperable open source VoIP solution to build their own application.

What is Linhome?

The Linhome app is an open source client software designed to communicate via voice and video with door entry devices.
It is available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets/iPads, and based on the same cross-platform library as Linphone. Thus, Linhome benefits from Linphone's long-term R&D work around the audio/video call quality.

Linhome is entirely based on standard telecom protocols (SIP, RTP) and is then interoperable with any SIP-compatible door entry station or server.

Main features:

  • Early media video: see who is ringing before answering the call
  • Two-way communication: communicate with visitors via voice and video with your mobile phone
  • Call forking: decide where you want to pick up the call from, by registering several devices with the same SIP account
  • Video surveillance: Configure the device you want to monitor and watch what's happening outside of your entrance
  • Configurable action buttons: Set up remote actions, like unlocking a door or opening a gate (via DTMF or SIP INFO)
  • Call history: Check out any missed call and automatically record visitors’ video
  • Notifications: Be instantly notified of anyone ringing at your door, at any time and anywhere
  • Easy configuration: Setup the app by entering your SIP credentials, flashing a Qr Code, or typing a remote provisioning URL

Download and test Linhome for free on the Apple Store and Google Play Store!

Discover our complete client and server solution for door entry systems

The website presents our whole open source product family for door entry solutions. On top of Linhome, this also includes:

Liblinphone, our SDK for mobile/desktop VoIP apps and embedded software
Flexisip, our powerful SIP proxy, that can be embedded into small hardware products for local routing of intercom calls within the house, or deployed on our customers' cloud infrastructure for interconnecting houses/buildings with the public internet and Apple’s/Google’s push notification systems.

To know more, please read our latest white paper!

Licensing model and services

Linhome is a demo application, designed to be customised and white labelled. It is dual-licensed and can be distributed either under the GNU/GPLv3 open source license, or under a proprietary license for a fee.
For companies who would like to outsource the development of their apps, we offer graphical customisation and custom development services on demand.

The Linhome source code is available under GPLv3 on our Gitlab linhome-ios and linhome-android projects.

Contact us to discuss your VoIP project for door entry stems: