Creation of a Liblinphone C# wrapper for Xamarin

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We are pleased to announce that we have developed a C# wrapper that can be used for the development of Xamarin apps based on LibLinphone, our cross-platform VoIP library.

Developing native apps for several major platforms might be time consuming and expensive as it requires code duplication and coding skills in different languages. Thus, Xamarin has become a very appreciated tool to develop mobile apps, as it allows developers to easily share common app code across iOS, Android and Windows platforms while still delivering fully native experiences for each platform.

With our Xamarin SDK and C# wrapper, developers can now use Xamarin tool to write Liblinphone-based Android and iOS apps with either native user interfaces or Xamarin Forms.


To use Linphone with Xamarin, you need to download Linphone-Xamarin SDK which contains Android and iOS native libraries and our C# wrapper.

You can build your own SDK (source code on Git: git:// or download one from our snapshots website.

This ZIP file will include :

  • the Visual Studio / Xamarin Studio solution ready to go for Android and iOS with a shared project for the UI using Xamarin Forms, demonstrating a sample application to register an account, make and receive calls
  • the linphone libraries compiled for Android (armv7, arm64 and x86) and iOS (armv7, arm64 and x86_64)
  • the C# wrapper

You can find more information on our wiki about Linphone C# wrapper and How to use Linphone with Xamarin.

For commercial information, feel free to contact us at