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Available for mobile, tablet and desktop

  1. Linphone
    for smartphones, tablets
    and mobile devices

    Make audio and video calls in HD
    Send instant messages
    Share pictures and files
    Communicate securely

  2. With Linphone Web,
    make VoIP calls using
    any web browsers!

    Quick and easy to install
    Simple and reliable services
    Call history available
    Secure communications

  3. Linphone for
    desktop computers

    Make audio and video calls in HD
    Create audio conferences
    Record and store calls
    View real-time presence status
    Manage your address book
    Communicate securely

Linphone is an internet phone with Voice over IP (VoIP) extended capabilities

With extended voice, video, and text instant messaging capabilities, Linphone lets you communicate in real time with anyone over the internet and all for free!



Linphone Android 2.5.1 and iOS 2.4 releases

In order to better follow the mobile platform evolutions and demonstrating with quicker delays the new features we develop in Linphone, we have decided to increase the frequency of our releases. From now on, a minimum of 4 releases per year is scheduled for Android and iOS, and a minimum of two releases for the desktop edition (Mac, Windows, Linux).    Read more

Linphone Android 2.5 and iOS 2.3 releases

In these releases, file transfer feature has been improved by allowing allow multiple downloads simultaneously.  Read more

Use LinphoneWeb

Linphone Web is Belledonne Communication's latest innovation which leverages the SIP protocol to provide users the capability to make voice and video calls directly through web browsers.

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