oRTP  0.27.0
Data Fields
_RtpTransport Struct Reference

Data Fields

void * data
struct _RtpSessionsession
ortp_socket_t(* t_getsocket )(struct _RtpTransport *t)
int(* t_sendto )(struct _RtpTransport *t, mblk_t *msg, int flags, const struct sockaddr *to, socklen_t tolen)
int(* t_recvfrom )(struct _RtpTransport *t, mblk_t *msg, int flags, struct sockaddr *from, socklen_t *fromlen)
void(* t_close )(struct _RtpTransport *transport)
void(* t_destroy )(struct _RtpTransport *transport)

Field Documentation

void(* _RtpTransport::t_destroy)(struct _RtpTransport *transport)

Mandatory callback responsible of freeing the _RtpTransport object AND the pointer.

[in]transport_RtpTransport object to free.

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