Chat room and messaging

There are different types of chat rooms. Basic chat rooms are simple chat rooms between two participants, they do not require a conference server and are considered as one-to-one chat rooms.

Group chat rooms allow more than one peer user and require a conference server. Group chat rooms can also be considered as one-to-one if they have only one peer participant at the time of their creation and if the parameter “enable_one_to_one_chat_room” is set to true, otherwise a basic chat room will be created instead.

Secured chat rooms are group chat rooms where LIME X3DH end-to-end encryption is enabled, they can be either group chat rooms or one-to-one chat rooms but not basic chat rooms.

Chat rooms parameters

Chat rooms creation and behavior can be controlled with the use of LinphoneChatRoomParams.

LinphoneChatRoomParams *params = linphone_core_create_default_chat_room_params(linphoneCore);

Default parameters will create an un-encrypted basic chat room (See next section).

You can change parameters prior to chat room creation. Possible types are LinphoneChatRoomBackendBasic and LinphoneChatRoomBackendFlexisipChat

//Change chat room type
linphone_chat_room_params_set_backend(params, LinphoneChatRoomBackendBasic);
linphone_chat_room_params_set_backend(params, LinphoneChatRoomBackendFlexisipChat);
//Enable encryption
linphone_chat_room_params_enable_encryption(params, TRUE);
//Enable group chat (valid only with LinphoneChatRoomFlexisipChat)
linphone_chat_room_params_enable_group(params, TRUE);
//Enable real time text (valid only with LinphoneChatRoomBasic)
linphone_chat_room_params_enable_rtt(params, TRUE);
//Check that parameters are valid

Chat room creation

Chat rooms can be created with linphone_core_create_chat_room. The full list of parameters includes a LinphoneChatRoomParams object, a subject, a local sip address to use and a list of participants.

Convenience methods are provided to ease chat room creation by passing only minimum required parameters. Non-provided parameters will be created and default values will be used. Functions accepting a list of participants with a size greater than 1 will create a group chat room (unless LinphoneChatRoomBackendBasic is used in parameters, in which case the chat room creation will fail).

NULL will be returned if the chat room creation failed.

Basic chat rooms

See Chat room creation for creating basic chat rooms.

LinphoneChatRoomParams *params = linphone_core_create_default_chat_room_params(linphoneCore);
LinphoneChatRoom* chat_room = linphone_core_create_chat_room_2(linphoneCore, params, "Subject", "");
//Or more simply:
LinphoneChatRoom* chat_room = linphone_core_create_chat_room_5(linphoneCore, "");

Once created, messages are sent using linphone_chat_room_send_message().

linphone_chat_room_send_message(chatRoom, "Hello world");

Incoming message are received through callbacks which can be set after the chat room is instantiated (LinphoneChatRoomStateInstantiated).


See also

A more complete tutorial can be found at “Chatroom and messaging” source code.

Group chat rooms

See Chat room creation for creating group chat rooms. A “fallback” mecanism exists when creating a group chat room with only one peer which does not support group chat. A basic chat room will be created instead. This mecanism is disabled by default and not accessible through normal creation functions. If you want to enable it, use linphone_core_create_client_group_chat_room() with TRUE as third argument to create the chat room.

Participants can be invited to the chat room using linphone_chat_room_add_participant or linphone_chat_room_add_participants. Participants can be removed using linphone_chat_room_remove_participant.

LinphoneChatRoomParams *params; //Create parameters
LinphoneChatRoom *chatRoom = linphone_core_create_chat_room(linphoneCore, params, "Subject", participantsAddressList);
linphone_chat_room_remove_participant(chatRoom, laureParticipant); // remove Laure from chat room

The list of participants of a chat room can be obtained with linphone_chat_room_get_participants. Note that Marie is not considered as a participant in Marie’s chat rooms, one’s own participant can be obtained with linphone_chat_room_get_me.


Simple text chat message can be created with linphone_chat_room_create_message and sent with linphone_chat_message_send.

LinphoneChatMessage *message = linphone_chat_room_create_message(marieChatRoom, "Hey!");

More elaborate chat messages can be built using linphone_chat_room_create_empty_message to create an empty message, which can be filled with different contents using linphone_chat_message_add_text_content and/or linphone_chat_message_add_file_content.

LinphoneChatMessage *message = linphone_chat_room_create_empty_message(chatRoom);
linphone_chat_message_add_text_content(message, content);

Concerning admins, events, history and instant message disposition notifications, more information can be found around the following functions: linphone_chat_room_set_participant_admin_status, linphone_chat_room_get_history_events, linphone_chat_room_get_history_range, linphone_chat_room_mark_as_read.

Secured chat rooms

LIME X3DH end-to-end encryption for instant messages are enabled in secured chat rooms, also known as encrypted chat rooms. Secured chat rooms and regular chat rooms can coexist, even if they have exactly the same participants.

LinphoneChatRoomParams *params; //Create parameters
linphone_chat_room_params_enable_encryption(params, TRUE); //Enable encryption
LinphoneChatRoom *securedChatRoom = linphone_core_create_chat_room_2(linphoneCore, params, "Secured Conversation", participants);

Encrypted chat rooms only allow encrypted messages and files to transit (except for error IMDNs in case a message was incorrectly decrypted). Encrypted chat rooms have a concept of security level based on LIME X3DH trust level of each participant device in the conference. The current security level of a chat room can be obtained with linphone_chat_room_get_security_level.

LinphoneChatRoomSecurityLevel securityLevel = linphone_chat_room_get_security_level(securedChatRoom);

See also

<point to basic LIME X3DH test and LIME helloworld test>.


LIME X3DH encryption activation at linphone core level requires a server. Make sure the configuration entry lime/x3dh_server_url is defined or call linphone_core_set_lime_x3dh_server_url() after core initialisation.