How can the Linphone team support you with your VoIP and IM projects?

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You probably already know Linphone, our mobile and desktop softphone, and its cross-platform SDK, as they have become very popular especially within the open source community. But, did you know that Belledonne Communications, the creator of the Linphone project, has been providing for 10 years professional services to more than 300 corporate customers worldwide?

Our mission is to provide a complete, secure, and interoperable software solution to communication systems developers in many sectors; such as telecommunications, secure communications, IoT, home automation and health.

Thanks to our modular software architecture, our dual-license model and our highly-skilled engineering team, we help small, medium, and global enterprises create their own customised solutions for Voice and Video over IP calling and Instant Messaging.

Watch our video to discover the products and services that we can provide.