Flexisip Account Manager

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The Flexisip server suite has been extended with a new component, Flexisip Account Manager, which can be used to bring account creation and user authentication features to Linphone-based and Liblinphone-based applications.

It includes a remote provisioning server for static auto-configuration, which can be customised to connect to your user account database if you already have your own solution for the creation and management of accounts.
Know more about Linphone remote provisioning on our Wiki.


  • user account creation
  • user identity validation via email or SMS
  • account recovery
  • remote provisioning (compatible with Linphone URL / QR Code provisioning feature)

Flexisip Account Manager can run on any php-ready server machines, and can be configured either with Flexisip proxy, presence and conference servers, or with a third-party SIP server.

Licensing model

Flexisip Account Manager is dual-licensed and can be distributed either under an Affero GPLv3 license (open source), or under a proprietary license.
Contact sales@belledonne-communications.com for any query and sales information.

Download the source code from the flexisip-account-manager project on GitLab