Linphone Web


The Linphone Web product consists of :

  • The Liblinphone Web Plugin, a browser plugin bringing a JavaScript API similar to the Liblinphone API.
  • The Linphone Web User Interface (UI), a HTML/JavaScript layer relying on the plugin to offer to the end user the possibility to make audio and video calls through an easy and clever interface. This UI can be re-branded and integrated into a website aiming to provide video call experience.

Main features :

  • Audio and video call
  • Languages : English, French
  • Call History
  • Address Book

Advanced Features :

  • Audio codecs : G711, G722, SPEEX, OPUS, G729, SILK (AMR, ILBC, ISAC available on demands)
  • Video codecs : VP8, MPEG4, H264
  • Integrated ICE support (RFC5246) to allow peer to peer audio & video connections without media relay server.



The Linphone Web Plugin is distributed under the GPLv2 license or under proprietary license with commercial agreement. The Linphone Web UI is distributed under the Affero GPLv3 as well as proprietary license. Contact Belledonne Communications for costs and other service information.

Source code

Clone sources with git :



  • Linphone web javascript graphical interface

git clone git://


  • Liblinphone javascript binding for web

git clone git://


Web developers can access the a jsdoc3 generated API documentation of linphone-web from .