New releases of Linphone for iOS and Android

We are pleased to announce our new Linphone-iOS 3.15 and Linphone-Android 3.2 releases.
New major features are available and are the result of a continuous R&D effort started one year ago. 

Major new features

  • Linphone smart contact list : Linphone imports your contacts’ phone numbers from your phone’s address book and automatically tags with a Linphone icon the contacts who have created an account on free SIP service.
    You can also filter your contacts to only display such Linphone users.

  • Account creation and authentication with phone numbers : you can now register with your phone number only, or with a specific username and your phone number.

  • Flexisip Presence server : a new cloud component of our Flexisip product. 
    Our free SIP service demonstrates this new technology, which is now available in our catalog of products.

Other major changes in Linphone-Android 3.2

  • H264 : MediaCodec support for Android higher and equal to 5.1 and OpenH264 binary download for lower versions
  • Added "change password" feature in account settings

Other major changes in Linphone-iOS 3.15

  • Support of iOS 10
  • Support of PushKit (VoIP push notifications)
  • TURN support
  • Added "change password" feature in account settings

You can access to the complete list of changed and fixed issues on Github.

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