100rel implementation in Liblinphone

Reliable Provisional Response (100rel) is now supported in Linphone, as Liblinphone library implements the reliability mechanisms described in RFC 3262.

Liblinphone SDK available through GIT Maven repository

Until today, integrating Liblinphone SDK into a third party application required compiling a SDK from the sources or importing SDK binary files from our website. In order to facilitate the integration of this SDK in customers’ projects, we adapted a Gitlab repository as a Maven one.

Group chat now available in Linphone!

For many years, Linphone has been one of the most active communication software in the open source world. Originally focused on voice, additional functionalities were rapidly added, like video, instant messaging (IM) and presence.

Over the past year, most of our internal development resources have been dedicated to the big challenge of developing Linphone’s own implementation of group Instant Messaging.

Group chat available in Linphone Beta versions!

After several months of intensive engineering work, the whole Linphone’s team is very pleased to announce that Beta versions for Linphone iOS and Android are now available to test this exciting function !

Linphone-iOS 3.16.5 release

Source code has been updated to match iOS upgrade and be compatible with innovative IphoneX design. Video quality has also significantly been improved, thanks to our new algorithm for codec bitrates adaptation to the available bandwidth.