Linphone 3.4.0 for desktop

We are pleased to annouce release of 3.4.0 of linphone, bringing some new
big features:

  • implement multiple calls feature: 
    • call hold (with possibility to play a music file)
    • call resume 
    • acceptance of 2nd call while putting the others on hold
    • creation of another outgoing call while already in call
    • blind call transfer (linphonec only)
    • attended call transfer
  • improve bandwidth management (one b=AS line is used for audio+video)
  • improvements in the echo limiter performance
  • implement a echo calibration feature (see linphone_core_start_echo_calibration()).
  • stun support bugfixes
  • possibility to use two video windows, one for local preview, one for remote video (linphonec only)
  • optimize by not re-creating streams when SDP is unchanged during a reinvite
  • support for sending early media
  • doxygen doc and javadoc improvements

For developers using liblinphone in an application, please note that the
API has slightly changed, especially LinphoneCoreVTable: pay attention
to this when upgrading an old application to a newer liblinphone.

Linphone-3.4.0 requires mediastreamer-2.7.0, which is now released too
with the following changes:

  • new X11+XvXshm display filter, deprecating SDL display filter.
  • add custom tone generation (in MSDtmfGen filter)
  • add custom tone detection in new filter MSToneDetector
  • rework the echo canceller to work with much less latency
  • adapt the OSS filter to OSS4 standard.
  • add android video capture filter
  • add android video display filters: one for 2.1 and one for 2.2 and later
  • tune video encoder parameters for android
  • new scaler/colorspace conversion abstraction, with native ARM-optimized implementation
  • support new QCIF and QVGA portrait mode.

The download links:
windows setup.exe:


oRTP (cosmetic changes since last version):

New versions of the msamr, msx264, and msilbc plugins are published too:

Your feedbacks and contributions are welcome, as usual.

Remember that for testing as well as for every day real use, you can use
our SIP proxy powered on
It is fully tested with linphone and is expected to work with all
possible SIP use cases (calls, pause, resume, presence, chat...).

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