Linphone 3.7.0

Download Linphone

Download Linphone

Download Linphone

Version : linphone-3.7.0
License : GNU GPLv2 (Open Source)
Release date : Thursday 20 February 2014

Description :

    News in 3.7:

    * It is now possible to configure multiple proxy accounts with different transports (UDP, TCP, TLS)
    * Video HD formats support added, leveraging on multiple cores for encoding if available
    * Faster and higly responsive UI thanks to fully asynchronous operation of the liblinphone.
    * Addon of opus codec
    * Possibility to specify a remote provisionning http URI for configuration
    * LDAP search integration for Linux and MacOSX
    * is-composing notification in chat area
    * User can choose video rendering method on Linux (OpenGL or Xv)
    * Keyboard can be used for DTMF input

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