Linphonec and linphonecsh


Linphonec is a terminal based version of linphone that reads commands from the user prompt.


Start linphonec in a terminal

$ linphonec
Warning: video is disabled in linphonec, use -V or -C or -D to enable.

Place an outgoing call

linphonec> call

Alternatively, if is your default proxy configuration (entered via 'proxy add' command), you call simply like this

linphonec> call 594305005

Terminate a call

linphonec> terminate

At any time you can list available commands using 'help':

linphonec> help
Commands are:
help Print commands help
call Call a SIP uri
chat Chat with a SIP uri
terminate Terminate the current call
answer Answer a call
autoanswer Show/set auto-answer mode
proxy Manage proxies
soundcard Manage soundcards
webcam Manage webcams
staticpic Manage static pictures when nowebcam
ipv6 Use IPV6
refer Refer the current call to the specified destination.
nat Set nat address
stun Set stun server address
firewall Set firewall policy
call-logs Calls history
friend Manage friends
play play from a wav file
record record to a wav file
quit Exit linphonec
register Register in one line to a proxy
unregister Unregister from default proxy
duration Print duration in seconds of the last call.
status Print various status information
ports Network ports configuration
speak Speak a sentence using espeak TTS engine
codec Audio codec configuration
vcodec Video codec configuration
ec Echo cancellation
mute Mute microphone and suspend voice transmission.
unmute Unmute microphone and resume voice transmission.
nortp-on-a Set the rtp_no_xmit_on_audio_mute configuration parameter
Type 'help <ltcommand>' for more details.



Linphonecsh - control a linphonec daemon

Linphonecsh is a console utility to send non-blocking commands to an instance of linphonec runnning in the background.

Here is an example to run within your favourite shell and terminal:

#spawn a linphonec daemon:

$ linphonecsh init

#register to a proxy

$ linphonecsh register --host --username bill --password thisisasecret

#dial out

$ linphonecsh dial ""

#terminate the call

$ linphonecsh hangup

#linphonecsh can transmit any command understood by linphonec using the 'generic' keyword

$ linphonecsh generic "proxy list"

#exit the daemon

$ linphonecsh exit

This feature is still being developed, stay connected to svn if you use it !

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