Getting started with Linphone for Android/iPhone

You just downloaded Linphone on your iPhone or Android phone. Great ! But what happens now ? What's that complicated settings view ?

Let's go to the basics: before being able to place calls to any number worldwide, you need to purchase a SIP account from a VoIP operator or provider. The VoIP operator's role is to transform a pure internet VoIP call into classical PSTN call, thanks to a set of machines called gateways.

Linphone is a general purpose SIP softphone that isn't bound to any operator. Because it is compatible with SIP, it can work with any VoIP operator using SIP (most of them use SIP, the most notable exception being Skype). is not affiliated nor recommends a VoIP operator in particular. We invite you to select a VoIP provider in your country by browsing the web, and compare rates etc...

Note that you might have a SIP account included with your internet line subscription: it is the case in France for clients of the internet provider, who is powering the VoIP network.

Ok I have now a SIP account at some-voip-company dot com, what do I do ?

Go to the settings page of Linphone. On android it is accessible through the "menu" button, on iPhone the settings are located within the Settings application, together with all other iPhone settings. You 'll have to enter at least three things:

All this information should be provided to you by your VoIP operator during signup process. For your information, username and domain form your SIP identity when grouped together like an email address:


Sometimes, VoIP providers might require to setup also the "Proxy" field. This happens when the domain is different from the proxy.

And that's all. Once returned back from the settings page, Linphone should say something like "Registered on XXXX" or "Registration on XXXX sucessful".

You can now place calls.

All other settings are for advanced users or geeks who want to play with the software.

Great it works on wifi !

Yes you can place calls now whenever your have your smartphone connected to your home wifi or any (unrestricted) public wifi.

Some people say that it's also working on 3G but not for me...

You first need to make sure you are allowed to use VoIP with your 3G connection, check your contract with your mobile operator. Some mobile operators have clauses to forbid VoIP on their network, and they then block all VoIP traffic. Despite technical solutions exist to workaround these limitations, we do not wish to enter such a fight. We aim Linphone to be a software that innovates to solve technical problems, not legal ones. thinks it is not fair to offer such restricted internet access. We hope this is a temporary situation: more and more mobile operators choose to open their 3G network to VoIP.

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