Liblinphone, free SIP VoIP SDK

Liblinphone is a high level library integrating all the SIP video calls feature into a single easy to use API. Linphone and linphonec are directly based on liblinphone.


See the core features list.


Liblinphone has a C-level API documented with Doxygen.

A java interface is available with JNI glue for Android.


Liblinphone is available on the following platforms:

  • Linux (x86, x86_64, ARM, blackfin)
  • Windows XP, vista and 7
  • Apple MacOS X
  • Apple iOS
  • Google Android

How it works

Usually telecommunications is made of two things: media (transport of voice or video, encoding and decoding...), and signaling (routing calls, ringing, accepting a call etc...).

Liblinphone aims at combining the two things together and doing most things automatically. This makes it easier to the programmer to implement video calls in any application, without being an expert in VoIP and telecommunications.

Liblinphone is based on mediastreamer2 for voice/video streaming, and belle-sip for SIP signaling.


Liblinphone is dual licenced:

  • open source license: GPL
  • proprietary license can be ordered from Belledonne Communications, for people whishing to to integrate liblinphone in a closed source application.

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