oRTP  0.27.0
Data Fields
_RtpStream Struct Reference

Data Fields

OrtpStream gs
int max_rq_size
int time_jump
uint32_t ts_jump
queue_t rq
queue_t tev_rq
void * QoSHandle
unsigned long QoSFlowID
JitterControl jittctl
uint32_t snd_time_offset
uint32_t snd_ts_offset
uint32_t snd_rand_offset
uint32_t snd_last_ts
uint32_t rcv_time_offset
uint32_t rcv_ts_offset
uint32_t rcv_query_ts_offset
uint32_t rcv_last_ts
uint16_t rcv_last_seq
uint16_t pad
uint32_t rcv_last_app_ts
uint32_t rcv_last_ret_ts
uint32_t hwrcv_extseq
uint32_t hwrcv_seq_at_last_SR
uint32_t hwrcv_since_last_SR
uint32_t last_rcv_SR_ts
struct timeval last_rcv_SR_time
uint16_t snd_seq
uint32_t last_rtcp_packet_count
uint32_t sent_payload_bytes
int recv_errno
int send_errno
int snd_socket_size
int rcv_socket_size
int ssrc_changed_thres
jitter_stats_t jitter_stats

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