oRTP  0.27.0
Data Fields
_OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams Struct Reference

#include <rtpsession.h>

Data Fields

int enabled
float max_bandwidth
int max_buffer_size
float loss_rate
uint32_t latency
float consecutive_loss_probability
float jitter_burst_density
float jitter_strength
bool_t RTP_only
OrtpNetworkSimulatorMode mode

Detailed Description

Structure describing the network simulator parameters

Field Documentation

float _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::consecutive_loss_probability

a probablity of having a subsequent loss after a loss occured, in a 0-1 range. Useful to simulate burst of lost packets

int _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::enabled

Whether simulation is enabled or off.

float _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::jitter_burst_density

density of gap/bursts events. A value of 1 means one gap/burst per second approximately

float _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::jitter_strength

percentage of max_bandwidth artifically consumed during bursts events

uint32_t _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::latency

Packet transmission delay, in ms

float _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::loss_rate

Percentage of lost packets

float _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::max_bandwidth

IP bandwidth, in bit/s

int _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::max_buffer_size

Max number of bit buffered before being discarded

OrtpNetworkSimulatorMode _OrtpNetworkSimulatorParams::mode

True for only RTP packet loss, False for both RTP and RTCP whether simulation is applied to inboud or outbound stream.

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