oRTP  0.27.0
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ortp.h File Reference

General purpose library functions. More...

#include "ortp/logging.h"
#include "ortp/rtpsession.h"
#include "ortp/sessionset.h"


bool_t ortp_min_version_required (int major, int minor, int micro)
void ortp_init (void)
void ortp_scheduler_init (void)
void ortp_exit (void)
void ortp_global_stats_reset (void)
rtp_stats_tortp_get_global_stats (void)
void ortp_global_stats_display (void)
void rtp_stats_display (const rtp_stats_t *stats, const char *header)
void rtp_stats_reset (rtp_stats_t *stats)


rtp_stats_t ortp_global_stats

Detailed Description

General purpose library functions.

Function Documentation

void ortp_exit ( void  )

Gracefully uninitialize the library, including shutdowning the scheduler if it was started.

void ortp_global_stats_display ( void  )

Display global statistics (cumulative for all RtpSession)

void ortp_init ( void  )

Initialize the oRTP library. You should call this function first before using oRTP API.

bool_t ortp_min_version_required ( int  major,
int  minor,
int  micro 

This function give the opportunity to programs to check if the libortp they link to has the minimum version number they need.

Returns: true if ortp has a version number greater or equal than the required one.

void ortp_scheduler_init ( void  )

Initialize the oRTP scheduler. You only have to do that if you intend to use the scheduled mode of the RtpSession in your application.

void rtp_stats_display ( const rtp_stats_t stats,
const char *  header 

Print RTP statistics.