oRTP  0.27.0
ortp Directory Reference


file  b64.h
 [C/C++] Header file for the b64 library.
file  event.h
file  logging.h
 Logging API.
file  ortp.h
 General purpose library functions.
file  payloadtype.h
 Definition of payload types.
file  port.h
file  rtcp.h
file  rtp.h
file  rtpprofile.h
 Using and creating standart and custom RTP profiles.
file  rtpsession.h
 The RtpSession api.
file  rtpsignaltable.h
file  sessionset.h
 Sending and receiving multiple streams together with only one thread.
file  str_utils.h
file  telephonyevents.h
 Receiving and sending telephone events (RFC2833)