Liblinphone  3.11.1
Data Fields
_SipSetup Struct Reference

Data Fields

char * name
unsigned int capabilities
int initialized
bool_t(* init )(void)
void(* exit )(void)
void(* init_instance )(SipSetupContext *ctx)
void(* uninit_instance )(SipSetupContext *ctx)
int(* account_exists )(SipSetupContext *ctx, const char *uri)
int(* create_account )(SipSetupContext *ctx, const char *uri, const char *passwd, const char *email, int suscribe)
int(* login_account )(SipSetupContext *ctx, const char *uri, const char *passwd, const char *userid)
int(* get_proxy )(SipSetupContext *ctx, const char *domain, char *proxy, size_t sz)
int(* get_stun_servers )(SipSetupContext *ctx, char *stun1, char *stun2, size_t size)
int(* get_relay )(SipSetupContext *ctx, char *relay, size_t size)
const char *(* get_notice )(SipSetupContext *ctx)
const char **(* get_domains )(SipSetupContext *ctx)
int(* logout_account )(SipSetupContext *ctx)
int(* account_validated )(SipSetupContext *ctx, const char *uri)

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