Liblinphone  3.11.1
Data Fields
_LinphoneSipTransports Struct Reference

#include <types.h>

Data Fields

int udp_port
int tcp_port
int dtls_port
int tls_port

Detailed Description

Linphone core SIP transport ports. Special values LC_SIP_TRANSPORT_RANDOM, LC_SIP_TRANSPORT_RANDOM, LC_SIP_TRANSPORT_DONTBIND can be used. Use with linphone_core_set_sip_transports

Field Documentation

§ dtls_port

int _LinphoneSipTransports::dtls_port


§ tcp_port

int _LinphoneSipTransports::tcp_port

SIP/TCP port

§ tls_port

int _LinphoneSipTransports::tls_port

SIP/TLS port

§ udp_port

int _LinphoneSipTransports::udp_port

SIP/UDP port

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