Liblinphone  3.11.1
Wrapper utilities


void linphone_chat_room_send_chat_message_2 (LinphoneChatRoom *cr, LinphoneChatMessage *msg)
void * linphone_vcard_get_belcard (LinphoneVcard *vcard)

Detailed Description

These functions are used by automatic API wrapper generators and should not be used by C API users.

Function Documentation

§ linphone_chat_room_send_chat_message_2()

void linphone_chat_room_send_chat_message_2 ( LinphoneChatRoom cr,
LinphoneChatMessage msg 

Send a message to peer member of this chat room.

The state of the sending message will be notified via the callbacks defined in the LinphoneChatMessageCbs object that can be obtained by calling linphone_chat_message_get_callbacks().

Unlike linphone_chat_room_send_chat_message(), that function only takes a reference on the LinphoneChatMessage instead of totaly takes ownership on it. Thus, the LinphoneChatMessage object must be released by the API user after calling that function.
[in]crA chat room.
[in]msgThe message to send.

§ linphone_vcard_get_belcard()

void* linphone_vcard_get_belcard ( LinphoneVcard vcard)

Accessor for the shared_ptr<BelCard> stored by a LinphoneVcard